Pew Upholstery Services

If you are looking for an economical way to upgrade both the looks and the comfort of your church sanctuary, PAD-A-PEW® is the ANSWER.

Our crews perform these services quickly, efficiently and without removing the pews from the sanctuary. Most pew padding projects are completed in a single day so interruption to church services is typically avoided.

Choosing Your Upholstery

There are so many types of upholstery fabric that we couldn’t possibly show you all of them on our web page.  But, we have several of the most popular one’s for you to look through.

Check out our services (colors and patterns) page to see just some of the choices that you have.  We can send a packet that will show you all the different choices that the church has in fabric and padding, when you are ready to start your pew padding project.

We recommend the fabrics that have a 20-year warranty so the church gets the best product for their money.  Our padding and fabric will usually last longer than the 20-year warranty that we pride ourselves in giving you, if the church picks the fabric with a 20-year warranty.

We do have fabrics with other warranty options also, but we are sure the church would want the best product for the price in their beautiful sanctuary.

Choosing Your Style

We offer many solutions for padding your furniture ranging from pew seat padding, pew back padding, chairs, and kneelers.

A kneeler is a cushion (also called a hassock) or a piece of the seating bench so members of the congregation can kneel on them instead of the floor. In a few other situations, such as confessionals and areas in front of an altar, kneelers for kneeling during prayer or sacraments may also be used. Traditionally, altar rails often have built-in knee cushions to facilitate reception of Holy Communion while kneeling.

No matter what type of kneeler you have, we can put padding and upholstery on your kneelers to match with your pews and coordinate with your current church décor.

You may want the top rail showing on your pews if they have beautiful wood and your congregation likes seeing some wood instead of all carpet and upholstery. By keeping your top rail showing, it will prevent your congregation from soiling the fabric. Most people grab the pew in front of them for leverage when standing up to pray or sing and this causes soiling on the fabric.


Why would you want to pad the outside back of your pews?

If your pews are getting older and just not looking as nice as they should, and you just don’t want to get new pews. We can pad the outside back of your pew to make your sanctuary as beautiful as possible for your congregation.

See below for some padding styles and options.

Seat Only

Seat and Back

Seat & Back w/Top Rail Showing

Outside Back of Pew



PAD-A-PEW® is the only company that uses top quality materials which includes high density polyurethane virgin foam and Dacron wrap, as well as a 20-year warranty on standard installations.

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