The PAD-A-PEW® Difference


In our continuing search for improved comfort, we have developed a technique unlike any other, which gives the pews the same affect and look as a factory padded pew.  This New System compresses the Unique Flexible Foam at the same time, stretching and smoothing the fabric over the front edge of the pew, giving it a well-rounded look and feel. The installers have had extensive training and the method they use ensures a perfect installation every time.

Below are just a sampling of the many thousands of installations we have done over the years.

Because of the fact PAD-A-PEW® uses only the best; the best padding, the best fabric, the best installers and the best installation practices, we can provide the best warranty on the market – a 20 year written warranty. Why? Because we know it will most likely last 25 to 30 years.

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