Our slogan, “The First Is Still The Best Since 1976”, pretty much sums up who PAD-A-PEW® is. PAD-A-PEW® was the first company in the United States to offer permanently attached on-site pew upholstering services. We demand the best when it comes to the materials that we use. We work diligently with the manufacturers to develop the best and longest lasting padding materials.

The amount we charge for our services, while competitive, may not always be the cheapest. With that being said, we can state without a shadow of a doubt that it will provide the longest lasting satisfactory results for your church. We have padded pews in over 25,000 congregations throughout the United States and we would be honored to be of service to yours as well. It is not a hollow boast when we say “The First is Still the Best”, it’s just a fact.

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