Join over 25,000 congregations that have added Comfort and Beauty to their Pews

PAD-A-PEW® is THE ORIGINAL #1 permanently attached pew-padding company in America since 1976.

Since then, we’ve installed the exclusive PAD-A-PEW® in over 25,000 churches, large and small, in all 48 connecting states.

Covid Precautions & Procedures

We here at PAD-A-PEW® take a lot of pride in our procedures when it comes to installation and safety measures for your church and congregation in these trying times. Safety is a top priority here at PAD-A-PEW®. We do our part to stop the spread of Covid by wearing masks and frequently washing our hands. We only allow 1-2 people at the church when we do our installations. We take all precautions to keep our installers in a safe and virus free environment.

Add Comfort & Beauty at a 1/3 of the Replacement Cost!

Now you can afford to add comfort and beauty to your church. Many satisfied customers have commented that PAD-A-PEW® ‘s installation not only gives more comfort during the church message, but it also increases church attendance.  If you are looking for an economical way to upgrade both the looks and the comfort of your church sanctuary, PAD-A-PEW® is the ANSWER! We are the first company in the UNITED STATES to offer permanently attached on-site pew padding upholstering services. Our crews perform these services quickly, efficiently and without removing the pews from the sanctuary. Most pew padding projects are completed in a single day so interruption to church services is typically avoided. Take your time, look around and if you have any questions, we would welcome your call at




Colors and Fabrics

PAD-A-PEW® is the only company that uses top quality materials which includes high density virgin foam, as well as a 20 year warranty on standard installations. This is a point for you to consider, too.  You want padding that’s not only beautiful and soft, but long-lasting.  The padding we install for you will easily last 25-30 years.  This means your investment will pay off for years and years.

“Thank you for all your assistance on our pew renovation project this past summer. You and your company did a great job helping us set up the project, following up on all the details and performing the renovation to the pews. I would highly recommend PAD-A-PEW® to anyone. As you know our auditorium seats over 3000 people and we had a lot of pews to cover. PAD-A-PEW® reupholstered them perfectly and they look brand new. Again thanks for all your help we really appreciate it.”