How To Measure

Accurate measurement is the key to a smooth and efficient installation. Our professional installers will be making material and time judgements based solely on the measurements you give. But if you follow these three easy steps, you should have no trouble at all.

Using a tape measure, measure along a straight line inside arm rest to inside arm rest for a straight pew.  When measuring curved pews, measure along the top rail, which is the longest part of the pew.  For divided pews measure each section.

If pews are the same size/length, simply multiply the length times the number of pews.

If pews are of different size/length, each must be measured separately. (For example, you might have ten 8' pews, ten 10' pews, and ten 12' pews, plus two 4' pews.)

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Measuring Worksheet
(print off and use for figuring)

Number of pews: ___________________
Length of each pew: ________________
Seats only _____ Seats & backs _____
Height___________ Depth___________

- Old Proverb

Number of pews: _______________@_______________ length
Number of pews: _______________@_______________ length
Number of pews: _______________@_______________ length
Number of pews: _______________@_______________ length
Number of pews: _______________@_______________ length
Number of pews: _______________@_______________ length
Number of pews: _______________@_______________ length

Seats only __________ Seats & backs _________

Use additional sheet if necessary.

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